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5th Grade Students

The 5th graders are learning the core values of friendship, leadership and God’s Word. As they learn these core values, they will recognize that God lives within them and that all things are possible through Him.

As they understand the meaning of scriptures they are enabled to apply this to their lives daily. Beginning their discipleship, they will be able to speak confidently in love and in truth as they lead others to Christ.

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” – 1 Timothy 4:12

Partnering with Parents

In Emerge we believe that the parent is the primary faith influencer in the home and we believe that it is our job to partner with parents to help them be successful! We supply families weekly with resources to make the Bible come alive in their homes.


Worship & Services

Sundays at 10:30 AM in the Preteen Classroom

On Sunday mornings in Emerge your preteen student will experience worship, team building and interactive games that will bring the Bible to life. Students will learn to navigate through the Bible as we break down scripture so that they understand what God is telling them. As the student receives the understanding of God’s Word, the impact will be life-changing, and fun at the same time!

Wednesday Nights

6:30 PM in the Preteen Classroom

We want a generation to grow up holding onto a faith that is rooted in scripture. We want kids who place their trust in God, not only in a moment, but every day. Kids don’t walk away from the truth; they walk away in search of truth. When they know truth – really know it – it transforms their lives! Wednesdays are all about going deeper into scripture to teach preteen students the Bible at an even deeper level. Through illustrated messages, engaging worship, exciting games and in-depth resources your elementary student will walk away with a wealth of memorized scripture, an understanding of how the Bible is organized, and deeper knowledge of the Bible and the ancient world where the story began!

Upcoming Events

Common Questions Asked by Visiting Parents:

What should I expect?
During your first visit head over to the Check-In desk and one of our volunteers will enter your child’s information into our check-in system. Then simply drop your child off at our Children’s Chapel with one of our trained team members who will direct them to the Preteen Room so you can enjoy worship. When you return to pick up your child we would like to send you home with material to talk about what your child experienced in Emerge!
Who teaches my child?

Our Elevate team is made up of highly trained volunteers who can’t wait to meet your family. Our entire team goes through an application, background check and training process. Our Preteen Ministry is run by a whole cast and crew of fun, exciting and knowledgeable volunteers who lead worship, communicate the Bible Story, play crazy games and engage your children in a personal time with God each week. Your children will love our Bible Storytellers, our on stage hosts and our worship leaders.

What will my child learn?

Each week our Preteen Pastor and volunteers work hard to create an unforgettable experience for your family! Through heartfelt worship, personal reflection time with God, and engaging Bible Stories, your child will have an opportunity each week to grow closer to God and learn how to live out their faith.

If you have a heart for preteens and would like to help disciple them, please click the serve button below.

We’d love to connect with you about joining the Emerge Team!

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